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I'm Kobi and I am 12 years old.  I'm in the seventh grade. I love video games and play football.  I was diagnosed with type 1 Diabetes October 2018.  Before my diagnosis; I was a kid who loved to snack, bother my sister, and play video games all day. 

After my diagnosis, I do the same things, but now I count carbs and take insulin.  Diabetes has changed our family; however, it hasn't changed us.  We don't  take breaks and there are no days off. With all this calculating and counting carbs, we are all better in Math,   especially my mom.  


I'm a child activist and author. I speak regularly about living  with Type 1, raise money for research, and donate to schools. 

Giving Back

Kobi's Konnection donates turkeys during the holidays to local schools and is currently working on supplying schools with diabetic low kits.

Host Support Group Meeting

Before Covid,  Kobi's Konnection hosted support group meetings in Hampton GA and will host monthly meetings. Visit our events page

Kobi's Konnection



Kobi's Konnection was created out of a need to support Kobi with Type 1 Diabetes.  Our organization has now expanded. We are the official support group for Henry and Clayton County.  

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