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The mission of Kobi's Konnection is to connect families living with type 1 diabetes.  We welcome you to an organization no one asked to be a part of.  We inspire, educate, advocate, and support you on your journey



Our vision is to one day live in a world with NO  Type 1 Diabetes, but until then we aim to normalize talking, coping, and supporting mental wellness in hopes of avoiding burnout.


We are here to offer a shoulder to lean on; an ear to listen; and a heart to empathize.

Kiona Dunn-Henegan


Experiencing a chronic illness puts a person at increased risk for developing anxiety.  Anxiety is excessive worry or panic attacks

Depression-People with chronic medical conditions are at higher risk of depression

It may be hard to adapt to a new reality and to cope with the changes and ongoing treatment that comes with diagnosis. Temporary feelings of sadness are expected.  Seek help if longer


Burnout because of chronic disease can look different for everyone, but for people with diabetes it can mean you stop taking care of yourself and your diabetes.  Not taking insulin. Some describe it as hitting a wall or giving up 


Is a non-negotiable.  It is behaviors you adopt to maintain physical and emotional stability

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